Each season, we ask our coaches to submit a write up about one or more of their athletes. Something about those individuals who they feel are leaders and possess the 3 C’s of a leader. These write ups, along with a photo of the athlete are hung in the halls leading to the lobby of Lima Senior’s gymnasium for all to read and acknowledge these athletes for be exceptional teammates and leaders.

3 C’s Of Spartan Captain U


Great captains have an undeniable passion for the game, for competing and for their teammates.  They put the success of the team ahead of their own needs and are truly concerned with the well-being of all team members. As a caring captain, one should treat all teammates with respect and recognize the contribution made by all team members.


Captains are willing to step up. “Walk the talk” Courageous captains set the example for the rest of the team. Their actions must embody the core values of the team.


Effective captains need to be a model of consistency.  A captain must hold themselves to a standard of giving 100% effort in practice and games. No cutting corners, earning the respect of teammates and coaches.

If an athlete can accomplish these three C’s they will earn a 4th C- Credibility. Nothing is more important in leading a team than being seen as an authentic, credible Leader.